About Us


We are providing ONE STOP hydraulic hose assembly, engineering and trading services to our valued customers. We aim to become a leading partner in total hydraulic hose solutions.

为我们尊贵的客户提供一站式液压软管装配, 工程和贸易服务。 我们的目标是成为液压软管整体解决方案的领先合作伙伴.

We pride ourselves in delivering a holistic hose solution.

  • Providing Total System Hose Solutions for the hydraulic, marine, oil & gas, and construction and cleaning industries with more than 25 years of experience.
  • Stocking the most extensive range of hoses, adaptors and accessories for hydraulic, industries, and oil & gas applications.
  • We offer a variety of hose solutions and value-add services.

Technical Expertise
Our sales engineers and technicians are trained to provide solutions in response to unique technical requirements and issues.

Leading stockist
As the leading stockist in the industry, AR HYDRAULIC & ENGINEERING (M) SDN.BHD is able to deliver orders in the shortest possible lead time.

Fast turnaround
We believe in maintaining long-term customer relationships by focusing on a fast turnaround and providing the best service possible.